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Teeth whitening services and products are sold online and in local stores. But it is great to take prescriptions to your dentist for the options you’re going to use.

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    Boise's Teeth Whitening Options

    In-Office Teeth Bleaching

    For fastest and easiest result to get your whiten teeth.

    Dental Whitening Treatment Kit

    Affordable yet quality whiteners perfect for a tight budget.

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    In-Office Teeth Whitening Options

    In-Office Teeth Whitening Procedure

    When considering whitening products or services there’s a lot of choices you can choose from. For the quickest and fast result, the best recommendation for it is an in-office whitening procedure.

    An in-office procedure is administered with the supervision of a professional dentist. Meaning it is a very safe and effective procedure for your teeth. Your dentist will handle all the precautions from applying gel to cleaning your teeth.

    Zoom whitening is the popular procedure to whiten your take. This procedure takes an hour from start to finish. It is considered to be the fastest and the most effective whitening.

    How Long Professional Whitening Last

    Given the cost of professional teeth whitening is a bit expensive, unlike at-home whiteners. Teeth whitening is not permanent but a professionally done whitening if properly maintained can last up to 1 to 3 years.

    The longevity of your teeth will vary from the person itself. The lack of oral hygiene may shorten the effect of your whiteners.

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    At-Home Teeth Whitening Methods

    At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

    Convenient and cheap whitening solutions for people with a tight budget but who love whiter teeth. There are many safe, effective, and affordable whitening products around the market. It is readily available over-the-counter, which is more appropriate and safe to use in your house.

    Whitening toothpaste and strips are popular products for at-home kits. These products are available and contain minimal hydrogen peroxide that will help clean the teeth.

    Additionally, there are some at-home trays sold specifically by your dentist. It is custom-made whiteners that suit only your mouth. You can ask your dentist about this.

    Is At-Home Whiteners Effective

    Although at-home whiteners contain an agent uses for in-office bleaching the effectiveness of these products is usually longer.

    It normally takes an amount of time to see the initial result and takes 3 months to see the final results. At-home whiteners are effective but tend a have a slower and minimal outcome.

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    Benefits Of Teeth Whitening

    As we grow up, it is normal to get your teeth stains and become yellow. Because of the different kinds of food we consume every day. For people whose teeth or smile are the main source of their income, it is normal for them to maintain strong and whiter teeth.

    But aside from that, there benefits of teeth whitening in your general health. Teeth are the foundation of your smile, a dirty mouth may result in some serious complications.

    Gum diseases, tooth decay, or the worst loosening of the teeth can affect your abilities to smile. Therefore, teeth whitening offers a lot of benefits to your overall health. Also, white teeth are a sign of good oral health and hygiene.

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