What Happens When You Don't Clean Your Denture

When you have dentures, you have to take extra care of them. Lack of hygiene can lead to complications. You should soak and clean them every day. You should also see a dentist regularly so that you don't develop any problems. The Healthy Heart Guide can provide you with all the information you need to maintain your heart's health.

Reduces bacteria growth. Cleaning your denture is important because it helps protect your mouth from harmful bacteria and germs that could cause a serious infection. The lack of personal hygiene, you may even have a hard time wearing your denture for a long time. The best way to clean them is by using a cleaner. Alternatively, you can use dish soap. Just make sure to avoid using harsh chemicals as these will cause them to become discolored and brittle.

  • Prevent oral problems. Poorly maintained dentures can cause oral problems. Bacteria can cause infection, resulting in tooth decay and gum disease. It can also cause a fungal infection. Luckily, the infection can be treated with anti-inflammatory medication or by giving your gums some rest. Additionally, food particles left behind can lead to sores, irritation, and ulcers. A dirty denture can cause a host of other problems as well.
  • Allows your gums to rest overnight. Your gums are not made to hold the force of your teeth. With dentures, it can be sore at the end of the day supporting them. It is advised to take them off every night to give your gum a rest.
  • Keeps denture in good condition. Dentures can stain over time with day-to-day use. To prevent this from happening cleaning them reduce the build-up of plaque and food stain.

Cleaning your denture is relatively simple, but it's still important to maintain them properly. If you don't brush your denture, bacteria can build up on it. The bacteria can cause bad breath, inflammation of the soft tissues, and infection. If left untreated, these infections can progress to periodontal gum disease or bone loss. You must take the time to clean your denture on a regular basis.

How To Clean Your Denture

You should also wash your dentures every night. You can use a denture solution to soak your dentures overnight. Then, rinse them thoroughly in the morning. You should also brush your mouth to remove any leftover food particles and plaque. You can use hydrogen peroxide or baking soda with water. It's important to make sure that you don't use any cleaning solutions that contain abrasive ingredients, as these substances can scratch the acrylic and create furrows. You can also use a denture brush to remove leftover food particles and odors.

It's also important to give your mouth a break every night. If you don't remove your dentures before sleeping, your mouth will get irritated and prone to infection. If you're not sure how to clean your denture, contact your dentist and ask about instructions. Doing so will ensure you keep your dentures healthy and prevent any further damage. It's also important to remember that you should never use harsh cleansers or bleach.

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A good dental check-up with a dentist is important to keep your denture in good shape. Dentures can break easily, so you should always take care to clean them carefully. Never leave them out in the open - this can lead to sores or even oral cancer. Also, if you have any problems with your denture, you should call your dentist immediately. Any repairs or maintenance you do yourself can lead to further damage.